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Protect & prevent your dog's painful dry dog nose, paws, & skin. Find out the best Pup Wax® match for your dog.


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It's a ruff world out there. We believe health requires constant healing. The Pup Wax® seed-to-skin approach transforms your dog's health from the outside in with premium organic and vegan toxin-free nourishing ingredients.


I was looking for a topical application for my German shepherd who has hyperkeratosis - mainly a thick, crusty skin on the upper part of his nose. Because we do recreational scent-work together, it was important to find a salve that was not highly scented and wouldn't interfere with his fine-tuned sniffing. Personally, I wanted to find a product that was made in America by a small business. After giving Pup Wax Luxe a try for less than a month, I couldn't be happier. The thick, keratinous growth is slowly receding, and after just one application in the morning, there is no "muddy crust" appearance all day. And the wax doesn't seem to interfere with his sense of smell in any way. He loves the product--he goes up to the "Pawsh" jar every morning and waits for his application (some of which he inevitably licks off). Pup Wax Luxe is wonderful product that has made my dog much more comfortable, and is clearly helping to manage his chronic condition without any medical intervention. Thank you!

Marty D.

Recently purchased your vegan pup wax and let me tell you, it’s pawmazing!! Ellie is a European Doberman so her skin is very sensitive and can sometimes be dry. Your product changed that! Love it so much. Her toe beans are so soft and the cracks are practically gone! She even loves to lick it off our hands when we put it on her, she’s so silly!

Ellie's mom

My dog has always struggled with an extremely dry nose. We have gone through many trials including vet prescriptions, various balms, and coconut oil (which is not super easy to work with). After doing research I came upon Pup Wax and it was everything I was looking for. Natural, small business, made in the US. The packaging was really impressive and thoughtful. The best part is that it REALLY works for my dog! I am so happy with it. She actually LOVES it, too! She knows the jar, and comes right up to it and actually sits down for me to put it on her little nose. It smells wonderful and I feel good knowing there is no "junk" in it. I am using the Luxe version for reference, and her cracked nose has shine again! I wish I had taken before and after pictures. Would totally recommend this product and company and will be a customer for life. Thank you!!

Dawn B.

Love this product! It goes on super easily and protects my dogs pads very well! It doesn’t feel sticky or gooey at all when applying, which is something I was worried about before trying it out for the first time. I didn’t want grass or hair and things like that to stick to my dogs feet after applying it, but I’m really happy that wasn’t the case at all! It’s a great product and I’m so glad I bought it! I live in Alaska and I cannot wait you try it out on my dogs pads for the snow fall this year!

K. from Alaska

While purchased for my Maltese Dicky, I fell in love with this product. I use it multiple times daily for my chapped lips — contains only wonderful organic ingredients. Also lovely as a base or topcoat for lipstick. Dicky has to wait!

Ellen Z.

Although my dog doesn’t like when I touch his paws, he does like the Pup Wax. We walk him a lot and his pads are very rough.. this goes on great, smells great and and softened them up nicely.


Our GSP, Aubrey, has had a dry nose for months. Pup Wax is the only thing that helps.

Aubrey's mom, Dawn

I gifted this to my sister because I received some for my critters. We live in the desert and they constantly have thorns and cuts and crevices. They love getting weekly pawdicures now!

Cruz B.

My dog has been suffering from valley fever and his nose has been crusty and peeling. Pup Wax is helping so much! It’s thick and easy to apply and difficult for him to get off.

Gina P.

Hi my name is Guy, you dropped off Pup Wax nose butter for my 3 lb Morkie Biscuit  Well we are using it for the 3rd day now and it's a big difference on her little nose. We tried another brand and it did nothing. So far, I am even more happy than she is. I felt so bad for her but now she is on her way to being back to normal. Thank you so much. Love, little Biscuit.

You can relax now.
Pup Wax is kind to your pup, the environment, & community.

Pup Wax® is clean skincare for dogs. Our dog balms are made with organic, non-toxic, and vegan ingredients for gentle, fast relief so you and your pup can get back to having fun.

Pup Wax Vegan Pro Dog Nose Balm and Paw Balm
Regular price $26.99 Pawfect for Arizona heat, Canada winters and pup adventures anywhere in between

Does your dog have itchy skin, a peeling, dry dog nose, or cracked, dry paws that feel rough and sore? It's time to give them relief so they can enjoy being outside again this winter!  Whether it's the cool air outdoors, dry heat inside or allergies that are to blame, Pup Wax® Vegan Pro will help restore, replenish, and transform your dog's problem areas. Keep your dog happy and comfortable all winter long with Pup Wax® Vegan Pro. This dog balm is the ultimate do-it-all cruelty-free dry dog skin treatment, paw balm and dry dog nose moisturizer that will help your adventurous, sensitive, or working dog

  • kiss their dry, crusty nose goodbye fast
  • stop scratching & biting their skin
  • clear up that pesky belly rash
  • stop licking & chewing their paws

You'll be amazed by how quickly this balm works to soothe your dog's irritated skin. And the best part? No more messy oils or greasy creams for you to clean up afterwards - just a little bit of wax goes a long way!

Specially designed for extreme weather, Pup Wax Vegan ProTM combines the best of our popular Pup Wax LuxeTM and Pup Wax VeganTM formulas in our most powerful vegan blend yet. Vegan Pro will hold up even better in Texas heat and at the same time, give better protection against the elements (and road salt toxins!) in frigid Chicago winters.  It's ideal for preventing, protecting and healing dry dog noses, paws, & skin even in extreme conditions so your pup can be happy and comfortable playing outdoors. 

Vegan Pro is stiffened with candelilla wax, and its higher melting point is what gives it these amazing, versatile properties. Its performance is reliable anywhere you and your pup want to go - and Vegan Pro is completely soy-free!

It carries a light pleasant scent of organic virgin coconut oil (with NO perfume, fragrances, or essential oils to irritate sensitive pup noses and skin) and goes on velvety smooth to provide deep moisture in just seconds.

Pup Wax Vegan ProTM is perfect for pups who need a little extra TLC and pampering. Noses and skin can dry out easily in heat or dry winter conditions, and paws may be sore after lots of extra time outdoors. In the winter, paws easily absorb allergens and toxins such as winter road salts and ice melt, and harsh outdoor conditions also require extra paw care.

Made with 100% organic argan oil, one of nature's most powerful natural moisturizers, this restorative and hydrating formula provides extra antioxidants for happy, nourished skin.  The deep moisture protects and soothes the skin while supporting a healthy-looking, vibrant coat with shiny hair and fur.

This vegan candelilla based nose, skin, & paw wax heals flaking noses and skin irritations fast. It quickly soothes and moisturizes as it protects against:

  • dryness
  • ice
  • salt
  • snow
  • allergens
  • irritants
  • gravel
  • hot pavement
  • other harsh surfaces

Pup Wax® is made from from clean, all-natural ingredients that form a humectant barrier that seals moisture in and irritants out to provide fast itch relief, heal dry dog noses, paws, and skin fast, and relieve dog skin rashes. Pup Wax® paw, nose, and skin protection balms are used by dog moms, dog dads, and groomers for moisturizing, healing, & putting a stop to dog paw itching - and Pup Wax Vegan ProTM is cruelty-free too! 

Ingredients: organic shea butter, candelilla wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic argan oil, organic hempseed oil

Pup Wax®.  Itchy pup relief... naturallyTM The best dog nose and paw balm ever created.TM Pups love it. Get better boopsTM and happy paws, satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back.

We created Pup Wax® to help pup parents provide the best paw protection with clean and organic ingredients.  Real ingredients that you can pronounce, carefully chosen for their health-boosting, nourishing properties and high quality. Rest assured that you're not paying for any empty fillers with Pup Wax®!

Pup Wax®  formulas are distinct from other dog balms and moisturizers as they are free from: petroleum derived ingredients such as mineral oils and paraffin wax, which are sometimes touted as “natural” or “white oils,” as well as wintergreen oil, comfrey, cocoa butter, ylang ylang, tea tree oil, carnauba wax, perfumes, and fragrances.

Pup Wax® is free from toxins and harmful ingredients.  In a nutshell, that means:

  • NO mineral oil.  NO cocoa butter. NO comfrey. NO tea tree or wintergreen oils.  NO ylang ylang.  NO petrolatum.  NO paraffin wax. NO parabens. NO pthalates.  NO "fillers"

Can your other paw balm make these claims? (Check the label!)

Pup Wax Original™ Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic hempseed oil

Pup Wax Luxe™ Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic argan oil, organic hempseed oil

Pup Wax Vegan Pro™ Ingredients: organic shea butter, candelilla wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic argan oil, organic hempseed oil

Pup Wax Vegan™ comes in a lightweight, easy-open tin that is convenient to carry in your Pup Pack.  The wide, shallow shape allows for quick access and application, even with cold hands. Unbreakable, glass-free packaging that is perfect for pup parents on the go!

Pup Wax Original™, Pup Wax Luxe and Pup Wax Vegan Pro™ are each packaged in a high quality amber glass jar that provides UV protection and filters out blue light in order to keep the contents at their freshest.  Given the natural qualities of glass, no harmful chemicals can leach into the products, unlike with plastic containers which are prone to leaching. 

Did we mention that the glass jars are 100% recyclable?!

The Pup Wax OriginalTM and Pup Wax LuxeTM formulas are stiffened with 100% organic beeswax.

What's so special about beeswax?  Throughout the ages, beeswax has been considered a gift from the heavens. Beeswax is mother nature's finest protectant and emollient, and the dense texture locks in moisture while sealing out environmental toxins. As a tough surfactant, beeswax forms a protective barrier on the skin that keeps out pathogens and irritants, yet the protective film is porous enough to allow skin to breathe and get the oxygen that it needs.

Imagine pampering your pup with a soothing paw massage while basking in aromas of light sweet nectar with undertones of fruity and floral notes as the scent of nature wafts in the air. Organic coconut oil enhances these natural scents with a truly dreamy quality and provides extra nourishing antioxidants.

Let the heat from your hands soften your Pup Wax® a bit for an even creamier application. Take a moment to meditate and breathe in slowly as the Pup Wax® almost liquifies in your hands. Indulge yourself as you indulge your pup.

Seed-to-skin. Transforming your dog's health from the outside in.

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