Top 5 Dangerous Foods for your Dog

Top 5 Dangerous Foods for your Dog | Pup Wax

As members of our families, we love to give pups the best of everything - but giving them the same food that we eat may cause them injury.
During the holidays, it's especially important to be vigilant about what they are fed, since they are more likely to be in the company of well-meaning but uninformed guests - kids and grownups alike! - who may try to sneak them treats or share their meals with them. Keep the following foods away from your pups and out of their reach (that also means off your coffee tables, which tend to be just at nose-height of some of our pups).
Never allow anyone to feed these common foods to your pup.

❌ Chocolate and caffeine - These are both highly toxic to dogs due to their theobromine content.  Theobromine can lead to muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding, or a heart attack.

❌ Grapes and raisins -  Even just a couple of grapes can cause severe kidney damage leading to acute (sudden) kidney failure with lack of urine production (anuria).

❌ Alcohol - A small amount of alcohol or food with alcohol content can be poisonous to dogs.

❌ Xylitol - An artificial sweetener that when ingested can cause a life-threatening drop in your dog’s blood sugar and liver damage.

❌ Onions and garlic - These can cause gastroenteritis, anemia, and serious damage to the red blood cells of your dog when ingested.  Sometimes, the anemia can take weeks or months to develop, if the exposure is in lower doses but cumulative.

It is extremely important to always pay attention to your dog’s needs. Just because something is okay for you to use or have, doesn’t mean they’re good for your pets, too!  Make sure your house guests are aware of this as well, especially children.

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