Pup Wax - The Pawsh Card - Pup Wax dog paw wax and dry dog nose balm

Pup Wax - The Pawsh Card

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Want to show someone else's furbaby a little extra TLC but not sure what to give them?  Give them the give of choice with a Pup Wax gift card. 

The Pawsh Card gift card is the perfect treat that is sure to please and will help that special pup live their best life with happy skin and paws.

The Pawsh Card gift card can be used toward any future purchase.  

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions for redemption at checkout.

Our gift cards have NO additional processing fees.

We created Pup WaxTM to help pup parents provide the best paw protection with clean and organic ingredients.  Real ingredients that you can pronounce, carefully chosen for their health-boosting, nourishing properties and high quality. Rest assured that you're not paying for any empty fillers with Pup WaxTM!

Pup WaxTM  formulas are distinct from other dog balms and moisturizers as they are free from: petroleum derived ingredients such as mineral oils and paraffin wax, which are sometimes touted as “natural” or “white oils,” as well as wintergreen oil, comfrey, cocoa butter, ylang ylang, tea tree oil, carnauba wax, perfumes, and fragrances.

Pup WaxTM is free from toxins and harmful ingredients.  In a nutshell, that means:

  • NO mineral oil.  NO cocoa butter. NO comfrey. NO tea tree or wintergreen oils.  NO ylang ylang.  NO petrolatum.  NO paraffin wax. NO parabens. NO pthalates.  NO "fillers"

Can your other paw balm make these claims? (Check the label!)

Pup Wax VeganTM comes in a lightweight, easy-open tin that is convenient to carry in your Pup Pack.  The wide, shallow shape allows for quick access and application, even with cold hands. Unbreakable, glass-free packaging that is perfect for pup parents on the go!

Pup Wax OriginalTM and Pup Wax LuxeTM are each packaged in a high quality amber glass jar that provides UV protection and filters out blue light in order to keep the contents at their freshest.  Given the natural qualities of glass, no harmful chemicals can leach into the products, unlike with plastic containers which are prone to leaching. 

Did we mention that the glass jars are 100% recyclable?!