Pup Wax® Clean Skincare for Dogs

Stop dry, flaky noses, paw chewing & licking, and itchy dog skin & wrinkle irritation.  Pup Wax® is the premium paw, nose, and skin protection balm for healing dry dog noses, cracked paws, and skin irritations in summer, winter and year-round. This organic dry dog skin treatment, nose balm and paw wax collection soothes, heals, & moisturizes itchy dry dog skin, dry dog noses and paws as it protects against ice, salt, snow, hot pavement, gravel, and other harsh surfaces.  It's equally effective for dry dog noses, hot spots and other dog skin problem areas.  Available in Vegan, Original, and Luxe formulas.

We created the Pup Wax® collection to help pup parents provide the best paw, nose, and skin protection with clean and organic ingredients.

The entire Pup Wax® collection is free from toxins and harmful ingredients.  That means:

  • NO mineral oil.  NO cocoa butter. NO comfrey. NO tea tree or wintergreen oils.  NO ylang ylang.  NO petrolatum.  NO paraffin wax.
  • No added perfume or fragrances

Can your other paw balm make these claims? (Check the label!)

Pup Wax®.  Itchy pup relief... naturallyTM The best paw balm ever created.TM Pups love it. Get better boopsTM and happy paws, satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back.